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Whether you have thick, coarse hair or thin, fine strands, moisturizing is key to maintaining hair health. We dare to declare that dry, unmoisturized hair is the root of most hair issues. Think of it this way: hair is just like skin. When it comes to our face, we’re taught to use SPF, get monthly facials, and frequently exfoliate. Like skin, our hair requires just as much maintenance and dehydration can be its worst enemy. Split ends? Color fade? Breakage? Are all results of unmoisturized hair. Also, since hair grows from the moisturizing “life source” that is your scalp, your ends are considered the oldest and driest part of the strand. This means your ends require extra moisture and attention (although, your scalp should be moisturized as well, just not as often). All of this begs the question: we wouldn’t dream of not moisturizing our skin, so why would we skip out on moisturizing our hair?

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